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One techie, one of the world’s most trusted tech support firm. We have trained and friendly techs to assist all kinds of customers from Novice to Experts

So the One techie team was built with a crystal clear mission: To provide expert, friendly support 24/7 to customers for all of their common PC problems, and proactively help customers prevent future problems.

Leveraging the Live PC Support platform, One techies can assist you remotely right through your PC while you watch, and securely monitor your PC’s health and maintenance – all while maintaining your utmost privacy. One techie can not and will not ever access any personal files on your computer.


  1. ramanuz

    i can’t install microsoft office 2016 .. while installing it shows that ” Installation has encountered a Error “

  2. Kubilay

    microsoft project 2013 encountered an error during setup

  3. swapnil

    i m installing 2013 the encountered error coming

  4. parth

    the operating system is not presently configured to install this

  5. Kemp Byrd

    I’m having trouble install MS-Office 2016 Professional on my laptop. Previously, I had Office 365 Personal. I removed all of Office 365 Personal with the various Microsoft removal tools. I went back to install MS-Office 2016 Pro and I receive an error message that it could not install due to an error.

    What is the remediation for this issue?

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